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Stainless Steel Kick Plate

Stainless Steel Kick Plate

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  • Satin or Swirl Finish

  • Heavy Duty 16ga (1/16") Construction

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Product Features

The kick plates feature a heavy duty 16ga stainless steel, available in two finishes. The 16ga material provides better dent resistance, and will provide excellent protection for your doors, walls or other application. All the kick plates are precision cut and come with either mounting tape and adhesive or mounting holes. The kick plates also feature edges that have been deburred to save you hassle, time and money.

Kick Plate Styles

The single kick plates are a standard in door protection and provide an easy to use option that can either be applied via tape and adhesive or screws. The screws feature an aggressive thread that will not strip out after extended use. The screw head will not dent your kick plate.

The double kick plates feature two, heavy duty panels with either tape or sleeve nut and machine screws for variable thickness applications. Using one panel as a guide, through holes are made. The barrel bolts and machine screws are inserted through the holes and tightened from each side for the ultimate kick protection. This system greatly simplifies installation, and ensures the panels line up. If installing one you'll save time, and if installing many, you'll probably save hours.

Kick Plate Finishes

Brushed Satin Finish - The brushed satin finish is the most popular option you'll encounter when a metal kick plate is specified. The satin, brushed, #4, or nickel finish, different names for the same thing, offers a great looking product that will tend to look good even after being abused for years.

Swirl Finish - The swirl finish offers a more unique look that hides scratches and dents far more effectively than the satin finish. The swirl pattern is a great addition to any setting or application,

Kick Plate Sizes

Kick plates are generally sized as rectangles or squares depending on your door. If you need a custom kick plate, we recommend measuring the door width and subtracting 2" which offers a great balance of protection and aesthetics. Keep in mind that since custom plates still have to be cut, deburred, and finished, the cost per piece is higher than the standard kick plates. However, we have quantity discounts built in to ensure you receive the best price possible.

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