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Stainless Steel Corner Guard

Stainless Steel Corner Guard

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  • #4 Brushed Finish or #4 Brushed Finish in Black

  • Heavy Duty 16ga (1/16") Construction

  • Standard 90⁰, Optional 135⁰

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Product Features

The corner guards are fabricated with a heavy duty 16ga stainless steel, and are available in two finishes. The 16ga material provides better corner protection and will last many years, meaning you won't be purchasing these again. The stainless steel corner guards are precision cut and can be purchased as just a basic product, with mounting tape, or with mounting holes. The products have deburred edges to save you time.

Corner Guard Styles

The corner guards feature either straight legs or 3/8" returns. The straight legs are great if your walls are exactly square and there is no need to worry about gaps, poor fit, etc. The 3/8" returns are "winglets" at the end of each leg that return back to the wall at an 8 degree angle. This guarantees a perfect fit every time, also ensuring they are easier to install..

Corner Guard Finishes

#4 Brushed Finish - The #4 brushed satin finish is by far the most popular option you'll encounter when using corner protectors. The satin, brushed, #4, or nickel finish, different names for the same thing, offers a great looking product that will tend to look good even after being abused for years. The finish is common in restaurants, industrial facilities, hospitals, offices, correctional institutions, and anywhere tough corner protection is required.

#4 Brushed Black Finish - The black #4 finish is a newer, high end option for the ultimate luxury. Whether you just want an accent piece or are building a high-rise in the heart of a major city, the black corner guards will provide appealing corner protection that will impress.

Swirl Finish - For applications where scratching and denting are going to be common, or where you want a unique finish, the random swirl finish offers a great alternative.

Corner Guard Sizes

Lengths - Corner guards are available in 24" increments, and our standard lengths are 24", 48", 60", 96", and 120". You can also specify custom lengths up to 120". We are able to fabricate up to 144" products, but these have a 7-10 day lead time, so plan ahead.

Widths - The corner guards are available with 1", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 4" and 5" legs. If you need a more customized product, we can certainly help.


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