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Ordering FAQ's

1. How Do I Add Options / Where Is The Pricing? - Simply proceed to the product and start by selecting the first option. Additional options will be presented as you make selections. Pricing will appear below the selections once you have specified at least the material type and measurements.  Below is an example screenshot. This applies to all products.Stainless Backsplash Configuration Example 2. What Is a Hemmed Edge? - A hemmed edge, otherwise known as a folded edge, provides a rounded, finished edge, and is ideal for edges that are exposed. For example if your backsplash is surface mounted, hemmed edges are recommended for all edges. Hemmed edges are aesthetically pleasing and help provide rigidity to your backsplash.Stainless Backsplash Edge Finish Options 3. Shipping / Free Shipping - Our shipping costs are the lowest anywhere, and that's a fact. We could offer free shipping, but here's why not. Any company that offers free shipping is practically always going to be more expensive than our costs with shipping included.  We would rather give you real-time shipping costs direct from the carrier and keep the product price as low as possible.