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Stainless Steel Backsplash - For Magnets

Stainless Steel Backsplash - For Magnets

  • Magnetic material - Magnets stick to it

  • Live, Ultra Low Shipping Rates

  • Custom sizes up to 48" x 120"

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The Finishes - Pictures and Explanations

All finishes use the same stainless steel. The color changes based on the surrounding area. If your kitchen is darker the backsplash will take on darker tones. If your kitchen is lighter, your backsplash will have lighter tones.
#4 Brushed Satin Finish

Brushed Appliance Finish (#4) - Most Popular

The #4 brushed finish is very similar to that on many appliances and is a good choice if you want to match. It has a removable PVC film on the finished side to protect against scratching during installation. This is the most popular finish used for residential and commercial kitchen backsplash applications and is well suited where good looks and longevity are important. The #4 brushed finish is also easier to keep clean than most other types of backsplash surfaces. Additionally, we can fabricate metal tiles with the material to give your backsplash a more traditional tiled look.

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The Thicknesses Explained

  • 20 ga. (.038") - Heavy Duty: The 20 gauge thickness is for heavy duty applications such as restaurants and other applications where heavier material is required, or for those who desire a more dent resistant backsplash. For comparison's sake, the thickness is close to that of a CD or DVD. The 20 gauge is a great option if budget is not a concern.

  • 22ga. (.031") - Most Popular: The 22 gauge thickness is by far the most popular because it provides a good balance between rigidity and weight. 22 gauge won't ripple from adhesives such as liquid nails when applied correctly, but contact cement is recommended if you have it. The sheets are about as thick as your credit card and provide decent dent resistance. 22 gauge is the right thickness for most backsplash applications.

FAQ: Got a Question? Let Us Know.

  • What Are Hemmed Edges? A hemmed edge is formed when the edge of the sheet is folded underneath and flattened. This gives you a rounded edge which many customers prefer. A hemmed edge is only recommended if there are exposed edges. Often, customers will specify hemming either width-wise or height-wise depending on which edges are visible.

  • How Accurate Are The Cuts? - All tolerances are +/- 1/16". However, in all cases, we do our absolute best to cut your backsplash to the exact dimensions you specify. The true tolerance is closer to +/- 1/32" because of variances in measuring devices. We would also rather re-cut a piece than ship out something that may or may not meet your expectations. So, rest assured you're getting what you order!

  • How Will My Backsplash Be Shipped? - All sheets are shipped flat in specially designed packaging. Smaller sheets are shipped in quadruple layered, heavy duty, cardboard mailers, and larger sheets are shipped in custom-built mailers with multiple layers and stiffeners. The finished product is well protected to ensure everyone stays happy. In the event the shipping company somehow manages to damage the product, a replacement will be sent as fast as we possibly can.

  • What's The White or Clear Plastic Film on My Backsplash? - All backsplashes have a removable PVC film on one side. It protects the finish and should be removed AFTER installation. The film ensures the finished side of the backsplash isn't scratched during processing, shipping, and installation so that you have a perfect backsplash when all is said and done. As such, don't forget the un-coated side will have scratching on it 99% of the time due to processing, handling, shipping, etc. The exposed side should always be facing the wall, and the side with the PVC coating should always be facing out.
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Simply, easy -- very happy with productReview by EF
Packaging Appearance and Quality
Order Appearance and Quality
We were initially interested in this piece because of the pre-drilled holes in the corners and the fact that it would arrive cut to size and ready to install. Most of our home projects start and stop because of a missing part or misfit size/item, but this was straightforward. We did not use liquid nails -- we drilled into the wall and cabinet and put anchors in the wall then easily installed the panels. It was pretty straightforward (we are NOT handy) and feels secure. We previously had a side panel by the stove that was glued in by the previous owner and it bent due to heat and collapsed onto the stove (dangerous situation) -- hence the screws vs glue for the install on the new panel.
Very happy with this product. Also it shipped ridiculously fast -- even during Shelter in Place when everything else seems to ship slowly. (Posted on 8/9/2020)

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