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  • Tube vs Pipe - The Differences Explained in Plain English

    You have probably heard the terms pipe and tube used interchangeably, and there's a good chance you aren't exactly sure what the difference is between them. Most people, even experts working in related industries, don't actually know. After all how different can hollow cylinders get, and who really cares enough to go and look? Well, I had to know...
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  • How To Measure Your Stainless Steel Backsplash

    We often get calls from customers asking what size they should make their backsplash. Each case is unique, and your particular layout is probably not like the next one. However, there are some considerations to keep in mind. If you want to get straight to measuring, jump to the bottom of this article. Continue reading

  • Restoring a Stainless Backsplash

    The use of Stainless steel in contemporary or traditional homes is quickly becoming the go-to metal for new and old homeowner’s choices when it comes to backsplashes, countertops, hardware, and appliances.  And even though you may know stainless doesn't form a patina like other metals, doesn’t require a sealer to be constantly applied, and is seemingly low maintenance, it still requires some work to keep it looking nice.

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  • How to Install Your Own Stainless Steel Backsplash Sheet

    ***These are TIPS provided to help simply the installation of backsplashes that do not have mounting holes. The installation outcome is YOUR responsibility. If you have ANY hesitations about doing this yourself, please consult a contractor, tile installer, or handyman. Read these tips ALL the way through PRIOR to installation so you can adequately prepare.***

    In the past couple of decades, stainless steel has become one of the most popular options available for appliances, and just about anywhere a clean, shiny, durable space is required. People like you have even started using the stuff in their home kitchens to add masses of appeal, increase the resale value, all while making sure that cleanliness is a top priority. Continue reading

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