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Do It Yourself

  • DIY - Metallic Art Trellis

    With many homeowners looking for a way to provide modern decoration with function to their backyards, a metallic trellis can be just the touch to add something shiny, weathered, handmade, and functional, to aid in the growth of grape vines, ivy, and other crawling plants along fence lines, in gardens, or wherever. Continue reading

  • Restore Old Furniture with Silver Leaf Sheets

    Got an antique piece of furniture that doesn’t quite fit with the spaces you have available? An old handcrafted desk that doesn’t match the carpet, wood chairs that clash with a metallic table, or ugly barstools that don’t match your stainless steel bar? Even a vase that you bought, love, and want to keep, but don’t know how to repurpose it?
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  • DIY - The Process to Painting Metals

    As great as some metals look, as they age (copper, bronze, etc) sometimes our metallic treasures can use a bit of sprucing up after the hard winter months of snow, ice, and the cold - or even just need a face-lift to coordinate with rest of the room or yard that is going through a similar face-lift.
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