Commerce Metals Purchasing Options

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Custom Fabrication Services


If you're in need of professionally created part drawings we can create them for you and deliver all the documentation you need to have the parts manufactured. Simply send them to your manufacturer or job shop with no need for back and forth confusion.

CNC Laser Cutting

Commerce Metals has access to state-of-the-art laser cutting services. We're confident that our technology and experience will leave you one very happy customer.

  • If you have a drawing or sketch, we'll turn it into a work ready file.
  • if you're able to provide a DXF, that would also be outstanding.
  • Fast and respectful service with no pushing.
  • Laser Cutting Capacity Stainless Steel 0.750".
  • Laser Cutting Capacity Mild Steel 1.000".
  • Laser Cutting Capacity Aluminum 0.500".
  • Mega sheet size up to 160" X 80".
  • Position Accuracy* +/- 0.0004.
  • Repeatability* +/- 0.0002.
  • Maximum workpiece weight 2770 lbs.
  • FedEx, Speedy and truck freight shipping.

CNC Bending and Forming

Commerce Metals has access to three forming centers. These include two Cincinnati CNC Autoform Forming machines, and one Cincinnati MAXFORM press brake. This state-of-the-art equipment incorporates repeatable precision with heavy duty capabilities so even the largest parts are well within the tightest tolerances. The operators are trained and have the right attitude to ensure your order is fulfilled on time and within spec.

  • If it can be bent, we can usually get it done
  • 6-Axes Backgages.
  • Dynamic Thickness Compensation.
  • +/-.0002" (3-sigma) Ram Repeatability.
  • Exceptional Ram and Backgage Speeds.

CNC Pipe & Tube Forming and Thread Cutting

Whether you need a pipe cut, formed, or threaded, or formed tubing we can get it all done for you.