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About Us

The parent company of Commerce Metals, was founded in 2008, and while it is a relatively new company, the tradesmen representing it offer decades of manufacturing industry and related experience. This includes purchasing, metal fabrication, machine operation, and almost any other aspect related to the steel business.

I grew up outdoors and was constantly involved with one ambitious project or another. If I wasn’t building tree houses or go-karts, I was off in the woods laying snares for pheasants or riding a tractor or combine in spring or at harvest time. One particular endeavor that still stands out today was my attempt to build a cement block house when I was 10 years old.

Those earlier years helped develop the creativity necessary for constant innovation.

My first manufacturing experience was in a family run sign shop where redwood and foam signs and blanks were produced. The original founders of that company went on to sell the business and form another internationally recognized sign company in Australia known as Danthonia Designs. The founders, individuals with an insatiable drive for excellence in the chosen market, showed what it took to ensure customers only received perfection.

Later, I was a manager at an international company known as Community Products that manufactures and sells daycare equipment and also equipment for handicapped individuals. I had extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of the operation, and this is where I gained most of my experience in the manufacturing industry. The emphasis on precision, quality, and work ethic was instrumental in not only building my knowledge, but also in fostering a creative streak. This helps ensure we’re always looking for ways to make sure your experience with our company is a pleasant and repeatable occurrence.

I relocated to the Midwest in 2005 and started producing grain bin ventilation equipment as a family run business. Later we realized there was an enormous demand for cut-to-size metal cutting services and decided to start offering such a service through our metal supplier.

In 2008, it became official and the Commerce Metals holding company was formed. We are small, but strive to offer customized, quality service that can’t be had elsewhere. The facilities that produce your products are state-of-the-art and strategically located in the Midwest for fast shipping to the entire United States.

Your project, no matter if small or large is welcomed and will be treated as another opportunity to do our best work. We understand what quality and personable customer service means, and feel this is especially important today.

Our commitment to you is to treat you with respect the way we would want to be treated. My guarantee is that each and every time we deliver a custom cut order, you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.